Our Cinematic Showcase of Velvit Fertilisers

by | 5 Dec, 2023

We are thrilled to share a glimpse into our recent collaboration with a distinguished British manufacturing business, bringing to life the extraordinary world of Velvit – a revolutionary range of organic fertilisers designed exclusively for sports turf professionals.

At Mindshare Creative, we believe in the power of effective storytelling to showcase exceptional products. Our recent project with Velvit Fertilisers was nothing short of exciting, and we are delighted to take you on a journey through the meticulous process of creating a captivating video that highlights the essence of this remarkable product range.

Finding the Perfect Backdrop
Our journey began with a quest to find locations that would perfectly complement Velvit’s commitment to excellence. Working with Velvit distributors, we discovered settings that not only accentuated the beauty of sports turf but also conveyed the precision and care that goes into creating each Velvit fertiliser. From pristine golf courses to precisely maintained sports fields, every location was handpicked to mirror the quality and dedication synonymous with Velvit.

Orchestrating the Symphony of Sound
To breathe life into the visuals, we knew we needed voices that resonated with passion and knowledge. Our team worked with the end users of the products to articulate the unique features and benefits of Velvit with the same enthusiasm that inspired its creation. The result was a trio of real feedback that not only conveyed information but also sparked genuine interest and excitement.

Project Management Excellence
At Mindshare Creative, we pride ourselves on our project management skills, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly. From coordinating shooting schedules to overseeing the editing process, our team worked diligently to deliver a promotional end video that not only met but exceeded expectations.

The Final Reveal
After weeks of careful planning and execution, we proudly presented the culmination of our efforts – a promotional video that encapsulates the essence of Velvit. From the lush greenery of sports fields to the expertise that goes into improving hard working turf areas, our video invites you to experience Velvit in the eyes of the handler.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Velvit stands as a testament to the power of creativity, dedication, and effective project management. We invite you to explore the finished product and discover the extraordinary world of Velvit by GreenBest Ltd – where innovation meets the artistry of British manufacturing.

At Mindshare Creative, we are not just storytellers; we are architects of experiences. Join us in celebrating the marriage of technology, nature, and expertise as we unveil Velvit to the world.