by | 19 Nov, 2021

Getting your branding right is a key part of your overall marketing. It sends out a message to potential customers about who you are and what you do, as well as your business vision and core values. It’s really important to get it right! One of the key things to establish up front though is that your brand goes far beyond your logo.

Business Benefits

Your logo is important, of course it is, but your brand goes far beyond that. The logo forms just part of your branding. It’s a form of identification that tells a potential customer that this is you. But even if it’s the most recognisable logo in the world, it doesn’t tell you everything. The logo has to work with the other parts of the brand to tell the full story. 

Think of the Coca-Cola ‘swoosh’ or the Nike ‘tick;’ both are instantly recognisable without the brand name, and without mentioning soft drinks or trainers. These simple images on their own don’t tell you what Coke or Nike do – it’s their brands that do that, and they’ve done that well for many years. When brands and logos work together, consistently, it’s powerful, and lets people know everything they need to about your company.

Logo vs Brand

While your logo might be a visual representation of your business, your brand is everything else about it, including other visuals. Your branding is what covers your values and what you stand for, why customers should choose your business over your competitors, and what they can expect from you. Your branding alongside supporting marketing messages should be sharing those messages consistently. The better you can be with consistency, the stronger the impact your branding will have. We all see so many marketing messages every day and we hardly remember most of them.  But our subconscious does. It logs it all away. Consistency allows your brain to cut through all that ‘noise’ and process the messages, but it can’t log it as a touchpoint if it doesn’t register the same.

Your logo acts as the visual front line of your business, grabbing attention, but it needs the back-up of the brand to elicit a deeper response. Once you have a representation of your business that connects on a more emotional level, you’re on the road to success. For that, you need to be sharing your values and for customers to be sharing their experiences.

There are many dimensions to a strong brand, and your whole business needs to demonstrate it. Beyond visuals and the tone of voice you choose, even your staff need to personify the brand.  That could be the language they use to the dress code you have in place. It all speaks volumes about the sort of company you are.

Visual Identity

At Mindshare Creative, we’re experts in developing the visual identity of your business so you’re consistent across everything you do.  We’ll work with you to make sure every last detail is right, from the brand values down to printing a specific piece of work, so that you can be confident your message will reach the right people. Moreover, that those people will take action as a result.

Thorough Approach

Our approach to brand design is detailed and thorough, because it forms the foundation of all your marketing communications going forwards. We’ll ask plenty of questions to get under the skin of your business and why you do what you do, as well as how, what makes you different, and who your customers are. We love spending time getting to know you.  Once we have an understanding of where you are now and your vision for where you want to be, we can help plan the steps and determine the strategy.

Consistency is Key

Once you have your brand identity, it’s important that you’re able to apply that across everything going forwards. That includes the tone of voice of the brand, as well as what it looks like. Our team can do all of that for you, from your logo, typeface and colours through to translating that onto packaging or other marketing materials – whatever you need.

When you’re in the swing of things, strong branding does have big benefits for your business. Consistency will allow you to breed effectiveness, and if your brand has a humanised side to it, people will start to build trust in you.

We can’t guarantee that trust will bring an instant sale, but the more your audience interacts with your brand, the deeper that trust will grow and they become more likely to make a purchase or share your content online. The trust takes much longer if you are saying different things, or your language is different, of if a colour has changed.

If you’d like to learn more about how our branding and design service can help build the foundation of your business, see our services page. Get in touch today and chat with our team – we’d be delighted to work our magic with you!