by | 19 Nov, 2021

Every business has a presence online and its where people look initially when researching potential services or purchases. What brought you here? First impressions count for so much and in today’s world it’s all about visual content – good photography, strong video. Getting your photography right will help you to unlock your brand’s full potential.

When potential customers find your brand online, the need for good photography for your business is even more important because they can’t see and feel the ‘real thing.’  Let your images tell your brand story in a compelling way and help you sell your product. If you are a start-up, the temptation to do it yourself might be strong to save a bit of cash.  Unless you have some experience or training in product photography though, it is worth getting expert help.  Investing (and it is an investment) in professional photography will make your products stand out and bring your business to life – an easy way to step things up.

Here are 5 reasons why professional photography is important for your business.

Content is king.  If your website and online shop (if you have one) look slick, your business will generate a higher return than a website that looks ‘homemade.’ Your imagery is a huge part of that.  It grabs attention. Digital marketing is integral to a successful business nowadays, and well executed, professional photography is key to making that work.

1. Stand out from the competition

Having unique images that no-one else uses shows that you’re different.  Integrating your words and your imagery with your brand identity creates something much more streamlined.  You’ve already invested so much time and effort into getting your business this far, why not take it to the next level with good photography?

Images are what people will see first, so it makes sense to make them the best you can. People may not even read the words on your website if the pictures don’t excite them.  Getting yourself a bank of strong photos puts your brand in stronger position to be consistent across your website and social media, and any printed materials.

2. Quality products deserve quality photos

Taking good photography for your business is a skill, encompassing composition, lighting, creativity and more.  Your photography represents your brand visually. If you go for ‘point and shoot’ images, your customers won’t feel compelled to spend time browsing.And if you believe in your product, why wouldn’t you invest in the photography to showcase it at its best?  If you want to be a key player in your sector, you have to look like one.

3. Help people spread the word

Word of mouth is fundamental for your marketing goals and there is little to beat a recommendation or endorsement.  If your business photography is beautiful or striking or memorable, people will want to share it, and that’s a big bonus for your brand. Audience engagement is so important in the way we all do business today.  That goes beyond your website onto your social media channels too.  Investing in quality photography will boost your engagement, and people will be more likely to share your posts if the images look good.  And who doesn’t want to reach a bigger audience of prospective customers?

As with many things, consistency is key.  If you look like an expert in your field, potential customers are more likely to see you that way and think differently about your brand.  Your reputation grows as a result.

4. Time to do what you do best

Taking good business photos isn’t easy.  It takes time.  Time that you could be spending on building your business.  To really get under the skin of your brand and bring it to life, leave your brand imagery to a photographer.

Investing in professional photography for your business is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your products in the long term.  You’ll use those images time and time again.  We recently worked with a wonderful wedding venue who wanted a striking new brochure, but only had old or low res imagery. The idea of organising a photoshoot for them was very daunting, so we stepped in and worked around their business and after a successful stress free photoshoot, they now have the brochure of their dreams, and a bank of stunning images they can use for other things that are all part of the same set.

If it all seems a bit daunting, we can help! Whether you want some advice on the direction to take your photos, or you need someone to manage it,  from initial storyboard to final edits, get in touch.  The Mindshare Creative team has experience in photoshoots and video shoots.  We can arrange locations and props, and we can find the right people for your brand from our creative team.

5. Solve a problem

Hiring a professional photographer who understands your brand and what you are trying to achieve will get you a return. He or she will have the state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, experience, props, studio to make it work.  And the skills for all the post-production that will really make the pictures pop.

Photographers are often creative by nature and that is something you can make use of. Use their vision to unlock the full potential of your brand.  Talk to them about what your brand stands for, its image and values, and let the photographer produce a visual identity of imagery that works for your brand.  When it connects with your target audience, beautiful things happen!